A walk through the garden in late April

We bought a new clematis thinking the one we planted last year had died. Wouldn't you know it, the old one popped up the day after we planted the new. Still, the red and white blooms should mix nicely.
We divided the hostas for the first time this spring. We'll do it again in the fall! Easy, and double the plants!
We learned our lesson using old dirt last year. The rail pots never did take off, but this year they are already looking lush and full, and it's not even May!
This was a gorgeous Thursday morning sunrise.
Our friendly neighborhood geese visit at last once a day to clean up under the bird feeders.


Melanie said...

Your plant spaces all look so nice!! I rarely see a beautiful sunrise :-) I do beautiful sunSETS much better!! Thanks for sharing what great Kansas sunrises we have!! Isn't God's beauty amazing!!

Deborah Raney said...

This early, wet, gorgeous spring has sure been good for the plants. And LOL on those sunSETS. I'm a SUPER early riser so I often see them. Sometimes I'm not paying attention for the sunsets (and sadly, we don't have the best windows for sunSET views. But sure enjoy BOTH when I remember to watch! Good to hear from you!