Lessons from a family of robins


We've had the uncommon privilege of watching a pair of robins build their home and start a family. I'm ashamed to say that I was annoyed to see the twigs and straw appear in the hanging pot I'd so carefully planted with caladiums and begonias on our front porch.IMG_6952
But remembering a nest of mourning doves we'd watched in the same planter the first summer we lived here, I relented and let the nest stay. What a delight it's been this past few weeks to witness each step of the amazing process.

IMG_7062 IMG_7324
I'm reminded all over again of so many truths:

 • If God cares for even these little birds who toil so hard to make their home, how much more does he care for His people who are called by His name?
 • The mommy and the daddy work together to build their home, protect the nest, and feed their flock. God sets the lonely in families. He never intended us to go it alone.

 • The best things in life require a lot of patience, and they can get pretty messy while you wait. But oh, how worth the wait!
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Anonymous said...

I have forgotten to check your garden blog. Certainly enjoyed this story of the robins. We had a nest in the tree outside our kitchen window, but something happened (I suspect a hawk) and the nest was abandoned before the eggs hatched. Thanks for sharing your garden. I will be checking it out more often. Jan

Deborah Raney said...

Thanks, Jan. Sorry your nest was abandoned, but glad you enjoyed our robins vicariously.